Jewel-Like Glass Mosaic Lamps From Istanbul Fill an East Village Shop -

“A customer walked in and said, ‘I expected you to be an 85-year-old fortune teller,’ ” said Melissa Benovic of Mosaic Lamps, in the East Village. Earlier this year, Ms. Benovic, who is in fact 35, opened the 300-square-foot boutique with her fiancé, Ilker Arslan, 36, a native of Turkey. They were inspired by a visit they had made three years ago to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, where they saw shop after shop selling glass-mosaic lamps tinted emerald, ruby and cobalt. The fixtures, which have brass fittings and are lighted with LEDs, are not for reading, or for threading a needle. “They are mood-setting,” Ms. Benovic said. “They’re warm, and calming.” Prices range from $55 for a 10-inch-high lamp to $2,500 for a 43-inch-long chandelier. 208 East Sixth Street (Cooper Square). Information: (212) 228-1964 or